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Active Listening believe everyone in the midst of crisis should have someone they can talk to – in confidence, without judgement and the freedom to determine their next step.

What we do?

Active Listening stands in the gap providing hope. Active Listening receive referrals from the emergency services for adults in the midst of crisis for whom we offer face to face confidential listening and signposting.


Zero judgement

Freedom of choice with hope

How it works


Person in midst of crisisEmergency services assess the situation.
If criteria is met emergency services refer to Active Listening.


Active Listening assess the referral for suitability.
Accepted referrals are directed to a local Team Coordinator


Team Coordinator assesses the referral and assigns two team members.
Team Members make contact with person in midst of crisis.

Who can help stand in the gap?

Society needs to stand in the gap where our emergency and statutory services do not have enough resources. Active Listening is a compassionate Christian response to this need. Crisis affects and hurts not only the individual but can also affect those around them.


If you feel you could help, this is your opportunity to serve in a meaningful and structured way. We primarily need volunteers for listening and signposting to help people, however like any organisation we also have a need for a variety of charitable and business skills.


Our charity runs at an incredibly low cost but we must raise funds every year to meet our expenses. We are extremely grateful for every donation, regardless of size, especially as we grow in size to meet the increasing need in our communities and stand in the gap.

Use your influence

If you work for the emergency or statutory services or you are in a position to affect change, please use your influence to help Active Listening help others. Active Listening is a Christian response to the needs of society. We are here to serve, we are here to listen, we are here to help those in the midst of crisis take a positive step forward with hope, not to judge and not to tell individuals what to do.

Contact us

Please get in touch if you think you could help or would simply like more information about Active Listening

General Enquiries

If you are considering becoming a volunteer with Active Listening:

If you are considering a donation to Active Listening:

Start the conversation:

Telephone: 07592 944 807

Active Listening can only receive referrals from the emergency services. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call the emergency services on 999.

Northern Ireland Charity Number: NIC100324
Northern Ireland Limited Company Number: NI602918

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